Intervju med ryske konstnären Oleg Korolev

Your last painting "Divine Gloom" is an ambitious work. What inspired you to make such a painting? How did you make it (technically)? About how long time did it take to finish it?

My new painting "Peresvet, Oslyabya, Divine Gloom" is painted in oil on a canvas, and the accomplishment has taken about of 7 months, though the sketches appeared much earlier. I used the same principles of the technique which Maestro Ernst Fuchs taught me ( Mische technique), though I never use tempera.

"Peresvet, Oslyabya, Divine Gloom" it is a Visionary, Contemplative Art work, a realizing of the sense of which one is based on the interpretations of the "Mystical Theology" by St.Dionysius the Areopagite.

Divine Gloom it is, actually, an Apophatic ( via negativa) term, which means the Divine Light, though an inaccessible for a perception. Divine Gloom it is an expression of the entering to the Ultimate Reality - that one, in comparison with which one, any image and name (including image of the Saint or the national hero) is a fruit of the dual human mind work and it is no more than a conventional notion, which exists only at a certain level of consciousness in the Relative. St. Alexander Peresvet and Andrei Oslyabya - two monks warriors, which lived in Rus in 14 century and which took part in the Kulikovo battle.

They were pupils of a mystic St.Sergius of Radonezh, which having the Divine will on himself, sent them for a help in the battle to Russian prince St.Dmirty Donskoy. Before the great battle Peresvet had an starting duel with the Mongolian warrior and being killed, anyway won it ( remaining to seat in the saddle on a horse). They are national Russian heroes and Saints.., they are surrounded by angels, mystical animals and symbols.

These are the Cataphotic ( via positiva) notions, - an assertion. My idea was in the representation of the two paths of perception (negative and positive) in one, for an actual neutralization of them both and a letting a way to manifest that One, which can not be expressed neither by an assertion of an image and a sacred myth, nor by it's total rejection.

The painting now owns a person who is the second ranked elected political figure in Russia after President Vladimir V.Putin, Sergey M. Mironov. I had an official meeting with him 20th Nov. in his state office.

It seems that you want to convey a transcendental part of human nature in your paintings. Do you have anything so say about that?

A history of Contemplative Realism, also known as Visionary Art started with various sacred practices of the archaic ages.., where the images were brought directly from certain mystic energetic worlds and remained interactive for those whose perception was ready for it. Such Art didn't look for a public recognition in the sense of art critiques and aesthetic estimations, being a part of a cognizance of the universe and a tool of influence, or serving as a door to the proto-images. It was in history, and this is true for our days. The point is by measure of an 'objectivisation' of a general society's consciousness, Art was separated from the Sacred Spiritual and has become a part of Culture... As soon as Culture itself it is a dead religion (when Religion losts it's connection to the world of Spirit, it dies as a Religion and becomes Culture), Art had been undergoing Modernist's changes, but still remained for a long time on a base of on the previously given outer shape of the religious traditions... From bad to worse, Post-Modernism, per se, rejected any connection of Art to the Divine, and proclaimed the human mind and it's constructions as the source of all goodness. Now we have already announced the "dehumanization" of Art, so called "Contemporary Art", which forms consciousness of elites ( elites shape consciousness of "other people", using not the high forms of fine art but some mass media tools). Currently Post-modernism has come to it's never ending projection of itself to a Post, Post, Post, Post, Post- etc modernism.., it means this is the highest , apotheosis point, the "cycle has finished" and the mind pendulum will go to the opposite direction, again to the Sacred, to the Transcendent Spiritual., but on a different level of a personal evolution development.

Which teachers and artists have been the main source of inspiration for you?

All artists which proclaim Truth and beauty of the Divine. Even those who point to a non perfection by artistic means, at the same time we meaning an existence of the perfection itself. If to say about personalities... in Austria I studied personally from Maestro Ernst Fuchs... He as an artistic person has really inspired me. Though before the meeting I, of course, had a formal education as an artist painter in Art College ( Diploma of Art teacher) and other various art schools.

It can be tricky to make a painting like "The Tower of Ego", where lots of bodies are interacting. How did you put it together? Did you use photo references?

Well, a visual art material can be various. Usually I act classic way via collecting of the visual information by means of sketches, etudes from a nature as well as , yes, photographs.

If there is anything more you'd like to add, please go ahead...

A great respect to Sweden people ! Once our cultures were part of one., we Russians and you Swedish had even almost the same pagan gods... almost the same design of ancient clothes, weapon and other stuff and even "Drakar" of Vikings and Russian "Ladya" battle ship are actually, completely same ship! My name Oleg this is Helge in your land. Best wishes and warm regards with love from Russia to Scandinavia!

Oleg Korolev

intervjuad av
Stefan Larsson